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Watch Battle Earth Full Movie Online Free [720p] [1080p] [blu ray]

Battle Earth Movie Download and Online Streaming Details

Downloading Battle Earth movie or streaming it online is very easy on our website. Feel free to click download to download Battle Earth from a high-speed server or click stream to stream it immediately. Here are some essential notes about the movie Battle Earth :

  • Duration of the movie is 85 min
  • The movie got a rating of 2.2/10 out of 305 votes
  • The main cast is Antonio Aguirre, Mark Campbell, Ryan Agnew
  • Movie Genrés Action, Sci-Fi, War
  • Battle Earth is Not Rated

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Movie Analysis

Battle Earth, The top-three stars of the movie are Antonio Aguirre, Ryan Agnew and Mark Campbell. The movie was directed by Aaron Kurmey and written by 2 more credits, Kevin Johnson and Ryan Hatt. Battle Earth is Not Rated. The movie received 305+ votes and managed to get a rating of 2.2/10. The movie got categorized in 3 genrés action, war and sci-fi. Battle Earth IMDB Page

Movie Storyline

A squad of Canadian soldiers live to tell the tale a helicopter crash deep in the back of enemy traces during an alien invasion of Earth, now they have to continue to exist the night time.
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Synopsis: A squad of Canadian infantrymen survive a helicopter crash deep in the back of enemy strains at some point of an alien invasion of Earth, now they ought to continue to exist the night.

Movie Cast

  • Grayson Ogle Jordan Johnson
  • Kevin Johnson Greg Baker
  • Sarah Christensen Pilot #2
  • Jordan Loose The Squids
  • D. William Johnson Sniper #2

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