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Watch Art = (Love)² Full Movie Online Free [720p] [1080p] [blu ray]

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  • Duration of the movie is 91 min
  • The movie got a rating of 7.1/10 out of 23 votes
  • The main cast is Lindsay Goranson, Jerome Brooks Jr., Nate Dushku
  • Movie Genrés Mystery

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Movie Analysis

Art = (Love)² the movie released on 07 of November in the year 2018, The top-three stars of the movie are Nate Dushku, Jerome Brooks Jr. and Lindsay Goranson. The movie was directed by Mumtaz Hussain and written by Monica Mehta and Mumtaz Hussain. The movie received 23+ votes and managed to get a rating of 7.1/10. DYK Films have co-operated in the making of the movie. The movie got categorized in 1 genrés mystery. Art = (Love)² IMDB Page

Movie Storyline

Dean and Isabella are the critical New York City couple. Isabella presents passion and notion for Dean’s large and colorful canvases. Isabella, a arithmetic undergraduate scholar at Columbia University lives in a vivid global of geometrical shapes and symmetry. Their relationship is specific, a merger among shape and coloration. Between artwork and mathematics. That is, till the day Dean gets the news. Isabella is useless. Her absence is even greater haunting due to the mysterious nature of her death, a crime still unsolved. A suicide, the police have concluded. Dean is shrouded in dismay and his artwork is struggling. He is uninspired. Frustrated, Dean splatters his canvas with paint. All abstractions. Images start to shape within the midst of chaotic and abstract brush strokes. Dean follows the clues that his art work provide. The accuracy of his paintings is putting! Yet his path leads closer to Dean’s greatest worry – the mirrored image of his own thoughts. Does he be triumphant?

Movie Review

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I had this unbelievable enjoy of looking this film the day gone by n yet in a kingdom of GRIP that film has created.A mental curler-coaster of emotional drama,an enticing tale of suspense n thrill,an astute show of Artistic capability……Boy,wherein to start?The nerve arresting Background rating which starts offevolved proper on the onset takes us thru the lifestyles of an artist who is locating photographs SAYING him something.He has lost his Girl Friend who seemingly devoted a suicide.When this compelling voice of Images turns into louder he consults a Psychologist n slowly things appear to solve.His female friend became at the verge of announcing a brand new Mathematical rule which can ve bagged her world reputation.She herself changed into an artist however with the aid of taking note of her inner voice had created this system sheerly decoding her soul.I leave it up to readers to go n find what takes place to tale thereafter however can ASSURE u ll cum out of theater completely SHAKEN….Cinematography,Script,Acting,path….all,of a Super quality.It has bagged 5 International Literary Awards from India to Switzerland n from Nevada to LA….its a MUST SEE movie in an effort to actually locate an area to your pinnacle scores too

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Movie Cast

  • Frank Holliday Art = (Love)² Actor Image Frank Holliday played the role of Columbia guard
  • Jerome Brooks Jr. Art = (Love)² Actor Image Jerome Brooks Jr. played the role of Josh McKee
  • Byrne Davis Jr. Art = (Love)² Actor Image Byrne Davis Jr. played the role of Homeless Vet
  • Lars Stevens Art = (Love)² Actor Image Lars Stevens played the role of Dr. Dennison
  • Nate Dushku Art = (Love)² Actor Image Nate Dushku played the role of Dean D’Agostino

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