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Watch A Facebook Romance Full Movie Online Free [720p] [1080p] [blu ray]

A Facebook Romance Movie Download and Online Streaming Details

Downloading A Facebook Romance movie or streaming it online is very easy on our website. Feel free to click download to download A Facebook Romance from a high-speed server or click stream to stream it immediately. Here are some essential notes about the movie A Facebook Romance :

  • Duration of the movie is 91 min
  • The movie got a rating of 6.6/10 out of 18 votes
  • The main cast is Lamitta Frangieh, Ed Ward, Mohamed Karim
  • Movie Genrés Romance, Fantasy

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Movie Analysis

A Facebook Romance, The movie had an estimated budget of $500,000 The top-three stars of the movie are Mohamed Karim, Ed Ward and Lamitta Frangieh. The movie was directed by Mohy Quandour and written by Mohy Quandour. The movie received 18+ votes and managed to get a rating of 6.6/10. Sindika Productions have co-operated in the making of the movie. The movie was recorded in 1 different locations; Jordan The movie got categorized in 2 genrés fantasy and romance. A Facebook Romance IMDB Page

Movie Storyline

Lubna is a pretty younger female residing in NYC. She turned into added up conservatively by using a Moslem family and therefore reveals difficulty locating a mate to marry in the massive innovative town. This leads her to go looking and in the end discover the person of her desires on face book. In her pleasure now not to lose him, Lubna comes to a decision to journey to Jordan to marvel her new-found love. But whilst she arrives, a sequence of comedian incidents start happening one after the alternative main eventually to reveal that now not all what you may read on face book is actual. The guy she fell in love with on face book is a pretender. But the Taxi driving force, maintaining her company all day seems to be now not a taxi driver in any respect however a a success businessman with whom she finally ends up falling in love and all ends nicely for Lubna.
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Synopsis: A New York metropolis woman falls in love with a Jordanian businessman over Facebook and decides to marvel him with a private visit. What she reveals isn’t always precisely the man or woman promoted on Facebook.

Movie Cast

  • Mohammed Al Fassed Omar
  • Ed Ward A Facebook Romance Actor Image Ed Ward Michael
  • Mona Shehabi
  • Salar Zarza A Facebook Romance Actor Image Salar Zarza Waleed Rami
  • Lamitta Frangieh Lubna

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